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Metolius Chalk Block

Chalk blocks are sterling for any activity you might need a quick and basic alternative to get up and moving, whether you're hiking, climbing, or just plain old running into these blocks will help you move faster and look good so you can keep up with the pack.

Metolius Chalk Block Walmart

The chalk Block is sensational for both young and experienced climbers, it's lightweight and tough, making it fantastic for high-end sports. The Block is in like manner versatile, being practical for use with gym climbing or during the course of a day's climbing, this chalk Block is top-notch for outdoor climbers! It is lightweight and fantastic for keeping their chalk down in the field. The black and white style is top-quality for any gym or outdoor setting, this black and white gym-standard chalk Block is first-rate for any athlete hunting for a facile to operate and versatile chalk Block to have. With its slim nature and small size, this Block is first-rate for small to medium-sized hands, the chalk Block features a versatile white sports lightweight that is unrivalled for any sport. The Block is terrific for folks who crave a straightforward and versatile chalk Block that is both effortless to handle and versatile, it's lightweight and is terrific for carrying around in the pack. The Block is red one with the brand name on the front and is moreover one of the most small and lightweight blocks on the market.