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Water Soluble Chalk Pastels

Looking for a fun and straightforward to operate watercolour pastel art tool? Don't look anywhere than the artists watercolour metallic soft oil Pastels tin set glass clay art, these pastel art rocks are excellent alternative to add an extra bit of fun and excitement to your watercolour paintings and sketches.

Top 10 Water Soluble Chalk Pastels

This ii Water Soluble pastel set is practical for creative work with its bright colors and Soluble wax content, the set includes 8 pastels, each of which is top-of-the-heap for a specific task. Whether you need an or more of that intense blacks and whites, this set will help you get the work done you need, this 6 pcs soft Pastels color stick for artists, students and kids is sensational for trying out a new style of painting. This stick presents six different colors that will make you feel fun and innovative when working with Water Soluble chalk, this artist colored chalk Pastels set of 48 is a valuable alternative to add a touch of elegance to your Water Soluble pastels. These artist colored chalk Pastels are colors that will add interest and color to your pastels, this set of 48 Pastels is top-of-the-line for adding a little bit of personality to your pastels. Our Water Soluble chalk Pastels are top-of-the-heap for creative arts and your work of art, these Pastels are made with ii Water Soluble wax and are made to be smooth and smooth.