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Wide Chalk Stripe Suit

This Wide chalk Stripe Suit is a first-rate way for a bit of a modern touch or as an addition to your classic look, the Suit grants a stylish chalk Stripe pattern in the chest and is produced to Suit loincloth style. The Suit presents a comfortable fit and is produced to last.

Blue Chalk Stripe Suit

This is a top Suit for when the outside world feels like a step up from the inside, with a stylish and comfortable blue chalk Stripe design, this Suit will make you feel like you're living in the future. This black chalk Stripe Suit is a practical piece for a modern day classic shirt, the Suit renders a Wide chalk Stripe on the bottom that is a classic look and feel. It is furthermore classic in terms of style, with the Suit being a classic color, this Suit is a beneficial way for a modern day shirt, whether you are going for a more classic look or you want to add a bit of personality to your look. The tahari two-button jacket is a practical surrogate for a summer outfit, it grants a modern mix of colors that will match any day. The navy fabric is chalk stripe, and makes a first-rate way for a modern outfit, the second button is the nosy symbol for the ocean. This Wide chalk Stripe Suit is a first-rate substitute for a day out or everyday, it is a classic fit, with a style, and a modern look with the bright blue fabric. The Suit gives a retro look with the Wide Stripe down the sides.